What are the hardware & software that are required or support Magestore POS?

Updated 11th Mar 2019

Please find the list of hardware requirements for Magestore POS

Table 1: Hardware requirements for Magestore POS

Hardware Configuration Quantity Suggest provider
(For Magento Website)
CPU: 2 core
Software requirements: link
(For management at back office)
CPU: core i3
Browser: Chrome 70
POS Device iPad iOS 12
PC - Browser: Chrome 70


Please find the list of POS hardware devices that support Magestore POS

Table 2: Hardware suggestions for Magestore POS

  PC Mac iPad  
Payment method    
Cash in Done Done Done  
Credit Card offline (using credit card terminal without connection to POS) Done Done Done Done Done Done  
Stripe Done Done Done  
Paypal Done Done Done  
Paypal Email Done Done Done  
Payment Terminal Device    
Tyro Payment Done Done Done
Zip Pay Done Done Done  
Bambora ipp350     N/A  
Verifone MX 915 - Vantiv        
Verifone Adyen - E355        
Paypal Here        
Receipt Printer        
Receipt Printer (almost of Receipt Printers for computer, print via Browsers, maybe need to customize print-out) Done N/A N/A
Printer support Web Print (Star Printer TSP650 WebPRNT) Done Done Done
Barcode Scanner    
Barcode scanner connect to PC (Desktop) via USB port Done N/A N/A
Barcode scanner connect to PC/ iPad via bluetooth Done Done Done
Socket Mobile Bluetooth barcode scanner (basic mode): Socket Mobile CHS 7Ci N/A Done Done
Credit Card Reader        
Credit Card Reader (magnetic credit card readers connect to PC (Desktop) via USB port) Done N/A N/A
Credit Card Reader audio port (headphone port) N/A Research Research
Cash Drawer    
Cash Drawer (connected to Receipt Printer) Done


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