Linking stocks in a location to a front storeview and POS

For brick-and-mortar businesses, you must expect to be able to link certain warehouses to certain store views and POSes. This article will show you how to do it. 

Basic Concept: Our POS system considers a Location as a Warehouse.

Step 1: Enable Link stocks in Location to Front Store View in Inventory settings:

Path: Inventory Management > Settings > Configuration > Stock Control Configuration

Step 2: Link Location to certain Store view:

Path: POS > Manage Locations > Select a location > Select a store view to link to the location

Step 3: Link Location to a certain POS:

Path: POS > Manage Location > Select a location > Select a POS to link to the location

Warning: One POS can be linked to only ONE Location.

Tip: If you want to link the Location/Warehouse to both Store views and POSes, you can do both Step 2 and Step 3. If you want to link either Store views or POSes, you can skip either Step 2 or Step 3 respectively. 

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